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These controls are appropriately named in keeping with our astronautical theme. The O2 control changes the level at which the overdrive circuit begins to clip.

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Going back to the overdriven tube amp analogy, this is similar to changing the level at which the amplifier's front end begins to distort. Many popular TS mods accomplish the same thing by swapping out the stock silicon diodes with a variety of diode types, from germanium at the low end to blue or white LED's at the high end. The O2 control simulates this effect while being continuously variable.

Like swapping diodes, this effect can be subtle. In order to really hear it you have to play hard enough to drive the diodes into clipping.

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The O2 control also interacts, to some degree, with the Drive control. The Trajectory switch allows you to disable the parts of the circuit that cause the infamous Tube Screamer "mid hump", making the bandwidth flat to within a few dB's from 16kHz down to well below 20Hz.

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The Tone control continues to work, allowing you to to tame the high frequencies, even when the Trajectory switch is in the 'flat' position. Better Bass Response! The Escape Velocity uses 10uF electrolytic coupling capacitors throughout, making it highly suitable for bass guitar as well as conventional six-string.

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Available Headroom! All of the components have been spec'd to a minimum of 25V, allowing you to safely run the Escape Velocity with an external power supply from 9V to 18V. You can also run with an internal 9V battery. All jacks are on the back!

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There is nothing mounted on the sides of the Escape Velocity enclosure, saving precious horizontal space on your pedalboard. Pedal board friendly size! Velocity Micro, Inc. Founded in , Richmond, Va.

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Velocity Micro products are currently available at most consumer electronics retailers nationwide. For more information, please call or visit www. Josh Covington Home About VM. Why Choose Velocity? Press Reviews Announcements Media Info.

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    Velocity Overdrive Velocity Overdrive
    Velocity Overdrive Velocity Overdrive
    Velocity Overdrive Velocity Overdrive
    Velocity Overdrive Velocity Overdrive
    Velocity Overdrive Velocity Overdrive
    Velocity Overdrive Velocity Overdrive

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