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The unhealthy person cannot be disregarded; cannot or should not be killed off.

With time it can use its shady past to drive and inform its future self. It can become wise, generous, balanced. However, if we meet this unpleasant young companion with anger, with vitriol, with criticism, then like any strong-willed teenager, it may well turn away to return to what it knows best. The fun-fueled selfishness, the indulgence and the thrill of the fast. What concerns me is that the verbal ripostes create a greater degree of negativity around an industry that needs to transform — consumers and producers both need to undergo a huge number of life changes.

And they need to change more than current circumstances or legislation will dictate. So — we need to inspire this change. How are we going to do that, when the most significant players in the industry are seemingly at odds with each other? Martin Seligman in his book Flourish: Her research has demonstrated that how you celebrate is more predictive of strong relations than how you fight.

How we r espond either builds or undermines relationships. There are four basic ways of responding, only one of which builds relationships: Those watching this animosity from the sidelines include the next generation of employees in the fashion industry. Of the 5, textile designers that leave university in the UK each year, the majority will work in large companies.

Some will become entrepreneurs, few will survive the first three years of business. There is a clear need to inspire and guide them to be active and involved in the industry of the future, enabling change for the better.

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I am calling for a more circular, connected, holistic approach to the problems of the fashion industry - viewing it as all vital organs of the same global body. The difference is that in the movie made by circular economy advocates, the Titanic would be raised by Swedish technology, like it did the C17th ship Vasa in , before it hits rock bottom.

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My research team and I have been working on the Mistra Future Fashion programme in Sweden since , collaborating closely with scientists and industry partners. In this work we acknowledge and support innovation at the academic and entrepreneurial level, as well as fully accepting that the scale of the problems for large fashion companies is profound. We are working at the coal-face of change, within tight parameters — both financial and infrastructural — and yet we are seeing them make very significant advances.

There are no easy wins at either end of the fashion line, and whilst the changes for Fashion Revolution will come about in the main through legislation driven by some of the large companies, ironically personal actions and habits are relatively easy to change, especially when we have the luxury of education and choice in the developed world. Look at seat belts in cars and smoking in pubs — personal change is possible and can come quickly, albeit in this case with legislation, along with the realisation that people are dying. The shift for industry towards sustainability and closing the loop needs total supply chain reinvention — from material, to production and labour, to consumers returning clothes for reprocessing.

This year, on 24th April, I will be taking part in a brunch with Filippa K, a partner in the Mistra Future Fashion project, giving my time to support a company that is bringing its consumers to meet its makers.

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Celebrating progress and building relationships, marking the Fashion Revolution with one of the game-changing Swedish brands that is closing the loop. I will remember those that lost their lives three years ago, as I continue to work towards long-term change from within the industry. It's all happening with the circular economy right now - and whilst this has been building for an awfully long time, it finally feels as if some real changes are about to take place.

It also feels like a lot of different projects are finally coming together Just before I went to India I submitted my final selection of five winners, and was so pleased to see that when I got back 4 out of the 5 right had made it into the final line up! There was also a concept for an online platform that connected textile waste from industry to potential users. This was my favourite - it's too easy to forget that we need more systems designed to aid the flow of existing resources, as well as the invention of new materials.

The stair case that the winners came down is the one that the Nobel Prize winners come down. Watch the film below to see the winners ceremony. They were a great group of entrepreneurs - it was so exciting to see their ideas get this attention and support. The keynote speaker for the award ceremony was David Roberts , from Singularity University also a decorated Special Agent. I have great reservations about the massive investment in technology that goes across around the world, when problems seem to be so much about people, politics and broken systems.

But his talk was really enlightening - I was thrilled to hear about exponential growth and technologies coming online, especially the projections he showed around solar power. He succinctly explained the dip we experience early on with new technologies, where after an initial excitement we begin to doubt them. He brings the talk to a conclusion by showing us two animal films from You Tube, which echo his points about human nature. By joining together in collective action we are strong enough to remove danger from our community. Oh, and, cat's are mean I am not how well he relates exponential growth and the power of the bystander - it seems to hang in the air at the end.

But watch the talk below and decide for yourself. I nipped out between the seven vegetarian courses to record this little podcast I come in after 23 minutes. Can't finish this report without highlighting the overall winners - by public vote - our Trash 2 Cash collaborators, VTT! Congratulations to them for putting their ideas out there to multiple funders and really pushing their material innovations.

Watch the winners interviews here. Before all the excitement with the awards kicked off I gave a short 8-minute pitch at Mode Hybrid, Hybrid Talks. To quote the dynamic founder of Hybrid, Annika Shelley!

Rebecca Poncho

You can listen to my Hybrid talk by clicking play below. It's a bit rushed at the end I didn't go fast enough, ironically! As Hybrid drinks came to an end I did this TV interview below. Whilst I love to talk I think you realise that after the above! Without making things, and writing ideas down, the whole process just isn't complete. Whilst I used to rely on making alone to research ideas, I am now fully signed up to the rich experience of being an academic who uses many forms of exploration.

When these approaches all work together, I find myself more able to deal with the complexity of sustainability, and hold on to the pleasure of creativity, whilst also finding ways to build communities and audiences. I used an old lace dress I found in Anxi Clothing Market in Shanghai in , to create a heat photogram image on the polyester shirts.

They believe in working in emerging economies to contribute to growth there with their business, and to do that in the best ways possible. They argue if they weren't producing there, things would be much worse for the local economies and lifestyles. The Stockholm Shirts are about continuing to think about how big business can use textile design approaches to create sustainable social innovation production models.

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Tutorial by Rae: Dragon Slippers - Made By Rae

It has been years in the planning, so we are excited to have the chance to get the world's design researchers together for two days to fully explore fashion textile design and the emerging circular economy. With such a busy social schedule, how would I get on utilising my existing wardrobe and avoiding buying new stuff to suit the occasion? When the spotlight is fully on during the social season of Christmas and New Year, how would I manage to spruce myself up from event to event?

Of course, being too busy to spend time hanging out shopping continued to be a rule of thumb. T2C researchers split into two groups, reflecting on properties of polyester and cellulosic fibres, WS2, November I was very happy to dust off some old winter-wear favourites for this trip - albeit with buttons freshly replaced and moth holes darned. This coat always elicits a comment or two and I am very glad I found it at a studio sample sale for Ginka by Neisha Crosland , back in the days when she briefly did a fashion range along with the classic interiors collections.

It also came with a printed velvet weekend bag - making a totally matching look which pleases my virgo rising tendencies Wearing the birthday cardigan from March this year whilst showing an old photogram print polyester scarf design during a conversation about the attributes of the fibre.

Don't look too closely at this scarf - moth holes thoroughly repaired with visible mending techniques after the Tom of Holland workshop, in July Frankly, the poshest Boots you will ever go into! I first visited in with Nicky Lawler , then on my first trip with husband-to-be Paul in It has been totally renovated since then, and is well worth a visit if you are ever in Florence.

The second phase of the Mistra project is all about design for cyclability, and in particular understanding more about product speeds. At TED we always try to build student projects into the funded research projects, believing that they are very good 'emerging researchers' and of course constitute an excellent user group. Being involved in a live research project is interesting for them, and the projects often create new insights that they build on right through to their final show.

You can see the project content and outcomes on the blog they built here , and read a review from project leader Kay Politowicz here. Overall, what we learnt more about was the contradictions within the common belief held by many that slow is better than fast. Our relationship to a product is complex, and often 'fast fashion' textiles give as much satisfaction, pleasure and usefulness as 'slow', or high-end goods. Fast can also be a powerful connecting force for people - empowering, even - especially where income brackets are concerned. Labour issues in production are of course the controversial touch points around these speeds, but many industry insiders often tell me that there is very little difference between fast brands and slow brands in the factories.

Of course this is something we are going to find out for ourselves over the next few years, but as a starting point it's useful to question what so many of us believe to be true. We will continue to look at this question through a lens of design, rather than labour issues, but as we move towards some innovative ideas we will be thinking about new manufacturing models and will try to design for future sustainable paradigms.

Christmas began early in the Earley household, as the tree was up by 29th November and family celebrations began in earnest on the 6th December.

Sportswear (activewear)

We had booked a trip to India over Christmas, so began eating turkey far too soon! It was very easy for me to wear my old party favourites and not go to the shops this month! We packed super-light for India as we were moving around quite a bit. We knew that clothes would be the least of our concerns, or interests. We were going on an adventure with the kids, and it was the culture and nature that we wanted to focus on.

India was full of colour, smells, amazing people and foods beyond our imaginations. We loved seeing for ourselves the ingenuity and innovation, creativity and craftsmanship.

After Fort Kochi, and then an Alleppey houseboat stay, we went in an 'eco' resort for Christmas, where we picked organic vegetables from the garden and cooked fresh five-course meals. We washed in our outdoor bathroom using locally made bark soap. We stayed all day in the hot sun and shade - defending ourselves from the huge black rooks out to steal food - and watched eagles dive into the sea at sunset, catching their fish suppers. It was a trip from heaven and we all want to go back to India as soon as we can!

Low impact outfit 'change', Indian stylee Home by New Years Eve, and back to London to spend the last few days of my pledge of nonewclothes doing the laundry from our trip.

How to Knit Tulip Slippers Pattern #609│by ThePatternFamily
The Becky Footie Slipper Knit Pattern
The Becky Footie Slipper Knit Pattern
The Becky Footie Slipper Knit Pattern
The Becky Footie Slipper Knit Pattern
The Becky Footie Slipper Knit Pattern
The Becky Footie Slipper Knit Pattern
The Becky Footie Slipper Knit Pattern

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