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His temptation takes the form of a suggestion.

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You sense the change in tone. This juncture is also a kind of watershed moment where the reader senses that the fly may actually be warming up to the spider. The spider turned him round about, and went into his den, For well he knew the silly fly would soon be back again: So he wove a subtle web, in a little corner sly, And set his table ready to dine upon the fly.

Like so many others he has lured before, he is confident that she has predictably fallen for his honey tongued scheme. While we may still be guessing as to whether the fly will stay away, the spider seems to be in no doubt of the outcome For well he knew the silly fly would soon be back again.

You can literally see him gloating. He weaves a web not easily noticeable a subtle web — ready to trap the fly. His devious plan comes to light as he sets his table for the fly — not as his guest to dine with, but as his feast to dine on. Feeling like he has baited his prey, the spider rapidly reels the fly in with vivid flattery. Alas, alas! With these words, one can only foresee doom for the fly.

But as the poet says Alas! At last, Up jumped the cunning spider, and fiercely held her fast. Our worst fears are realized. Unheeding her instincts, the fly hardly offers any resistance. This was the moment the spider had been building up so long for. Now deadly and focused on his goal, the spider wastes no time. The home that he had so charmingly described before reveals its deadly designs. It is an example of enjambment and is the only such line that occurs in the poem. It can be read as a common part of 2 sentences in this case:. She breaks off from the storytelling mode and directly addresses her audience, offering up a warning or moral to conclude the poem.

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Teaching The Hobbit, or, There and Back Again

We moved our men and supplies into the castle. Lord Akiyama fed everyone, to show he had come not to destroy the castle but to become its lord. Winter had come, and I was sent to buy more food. On my return, I learned that the Takeda army had won another battle against Lord Tokugawa. However, we worried that Lord Takeda Shingen was in bad health.

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I saw a beautiful girl and learned she was the daughter of Lord Zakoji, a respectable old samurai. Her name was Aki-hime. I dreamed I could become wealthy enough to marry her. He was going to ask permission for the wedding of my master and Lady Toyama. I hoped they were in love. Lord Takeda agreed to the wedding.

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  • He also remembered capturing me as a child, and was pleased with my success. He was very sick, and might die soon. However, his son Takeda Katsuyori was not well respected as a leader. During this trip, I also had the chance to become known to Lord Zakoji. When she answered it, I hoped to win her and wrote again. Not everyone believed that Katsuyori could rule Kai. Lord Zakoji spoke to me. He had no son, and wanted his daughter to marry a man who would adopt the Zakoji name. I was thrilled. I wrote many poems to Aki-hime. A year passed without encouragement from Lord Zakoji.

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    I asked Wada Kansuke to speak for me, but he told me to wait for a better time. One thousand soldiers were sent to fight with Katsuyori. Both my captain Kansuke and my friend Yoshitoki left, and I never saw them again. That winter, I felt alone. I wrote to Aki-hime, but her father Lord Zakoji sent for me. He believed that Lord Katsuyori would lose his battle, and Lord Oda would rule. So Lord Zakoji was preparing for the next life. He wanted his daughter to pray, too.

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    He told me not to write to her until the war ended. Most of them were killed. Now we were outnumbered. Lord Akiyama sent me to ask Lord Katsuyori for help. If he arrived before Oda sent more soldiers, we might win. Before I left, I wanted to see Aki-hime. We met secretly for a few minutes, and I said that I loved her. Lord Akiyama gave me two letters: one for his father and one for Lord Katsuyori. No help was coming. Lord Akiyama should surrender or bargain with Lord Oda. I rode back to Iwamura Castle as fast as possible, but I was too late.

    Iwamura was captured. I dressed as a poor peasant and carried a sack of charcoal into town. Suddenly Yoichi found me. He took me to where Aki-hime was hiding. The three of us escaped safely to Kofuchu.

    The story of my youth, the orphan boy who became a samurai, ended with the death of my master.

    Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit
    Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit
    Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit
    Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit
    Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit
    Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit
    Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit Shmoop Learning Guides: The Hobbit

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