Second Chance: First Life

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Not wanting to lose faith, Cassy made frequent calls to St.

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Joe's hoping for good news. Concerned for Cassy's health, her medical team made attempts to find a donor across the border but that failed too. She was added to a "highly sensitized program" through Canadian Blood Services. Then "a miracle" happened. Between May 13 and May 28 this year, multiple donors became available. Eighteen kidney transplants took place during those two weeks, a first for St. Joe's — on average, the transplant team does one kidney transplant a week.

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The procedure takes about 30 people and four hours to complete. Through rigorous and precise testing, one of those kidneys was a perfect match for Cassy who got her new organ on May Her health is better, her quality of life is better, she's returning to work, she's exercising and doing remarkably well. She's bright-eyed, bubbly and excited to share her story. Even though she knows the success rate for kidney transplants ranges between 10 to 20 years, she vows to take care of her health and new kidney in hopes of living a long, fulfilling life.

Throughout her challenges, Cassy has been supported by her family and friends as well as her boyfriend of three years who she met while on dialysis. She also said one of her goals is to increase awareness about the importance of organ donation and the quality of life it gives back to patients. It's my ultimate goal to promote kidney transplantation and the need for donors. Read it via The Hamilton Spectator. Was this page useful? First Name. Print Feedback.

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Siddhant closed his eyes briefly. He knew she was right that the company would suffer if they fired Uday. Bhavna broke the silence. Did you get the thank-you note my wife sent?

A second chance at first love: meet the couples who marry, divorce – then remarry

Siddhant had dreaded making the call, but before he reached a decision, he wanted to talk with Uday himself. I just want to hear your side of the story. I was feeling the pressure with the new baby. Siddhant hated to hear Uday sound so dejected.

But part of him still felt betrayed. He reminded himself that Uday could easily find another job, especially since Novacib had no intention of going public with the circumstances if they let him go. But Uday would be devastated nonetheless. Unfortunately, leaders must sometimes fire employees who cheat. In a previous company I worked at, I had a sales rep who was knocking it out of the park. I went by his desk to check in with him. I let him go immediately even though it was hard to lose a high performer.

There are two key factors he should take into account. Had he earned a commission or bonus based on the false report, that would warrant termination.

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That is not the case here. Second, if Siddhant were to fire Uday, he might put the company at risk. Uday could pursue legal action, claiming that the company invaded his privacy by checking his social media accounts. In my current role at RingCentral, I focus on building trust with our people. But I also do my homework. Even at my level, I block out an hour a week to look at the numbers, and if something stands out, I dig deeper.

Siddhant and Shraddha need to take a lesson from this as much as Uday does. Uday does deserve a second chance. This case is based on my experience at Maha Research Labs, where an employee deliberately included misinformation on a sales report. At the time, I was torn about how to handle the situation.

He was one of our top performers and was about to have his first child.

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I knew firing him would have a devastating effect on his personal life. To better inform my decision, I called a meeting with seven regional managers and two managers from HR. I presented the case as a hypothetical and asked them what they would do. They felt it was essential to demonstrate that the company took ethical violations seriously. They worried that keeping the person despite the infraction would set the wrong precedent and leave the door open for this salesperson—or others—to behave unethically.

The other five managers were concerned about the impact on the company of losing a top performer. They thought the best course of action would be to give him a warning and cancel his sales incentives for six months as a punishment. They also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to ask him to sign a two-year employment contract against the risk that he might join a competitor, taking his customer relationships with him. In the end, I went with the majority, and we issued a punishment and a written warning.

In a different situation, I might have fired the person, but here I followed my heart, and I think I made the right decision. He was very grateful for the second chance and appreciated our not making an example of him. He assured me that he would be loyal to Maha Research Labs and promised to repay our faith in him during this crucial time in his life.

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The Life's Second Chance Foundation

And his performance over the past year has proved his commitment. That was not an easy decision to make, and I feel for Siddhant. He should consider consulting with other managers in the company, without divulging details about the situation. Does he include an ethics statement in job offer letters and in the employee handbook? Could he hold further trainings on ethical sales practices?

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And could he ask Uday to lead those? There is no doubt that Uday violated trust here, and he has to take responsibility for his actions. But Siddhant also needs to do better at setting a high ethical standard and holding people to it.

Second Chance: First Life Second Chance: First Life
Second Chance: First Life Second Chance: First Life
Second Chance: First Life Second Chance: First Life
Second Chance: First Life Second Chance: First Life
Second Chance: First Life Second Chance: First Life

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