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Christmas Traditions and Customs

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After any Mass or by appointment. To find out about funerals or o ther s pecial liturgies, please click here. All Saints Catholic Church. The church building is on the corner of 3rd Street Southwest and 5th Avenue Southwest. We are located approximately two blocks north of the Washington State Fair Grounds and approximately two blocks south west of the Puyallup Public Library. Whether you are are wrapping up warm for this years Christmas Match or looking for the ideal present for someone special to open on Christmas day.

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Collect in Store We have a Collect in Store service available. Nicholas became popular again in the Victorian era when writers, poets and artists rediscovered the old stories.

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In the famous poem 'A Visit from St. Nicholas' or 'T'was the Night before Christmas', was published. Dr Clement Clarke Moore later claimed that he had written it for his children.

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Some scholars now believe that it was actually written by Henry Livingston, Jr. The poem describes St. Nicholas with eight reindeer and gives them their names. They became really well known in the song 'Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer', written in Do you know all eight names?

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Click on Rudolph's nose to find out! Did you know that Rudolph and Santa's other reindeers might well be all girls!?

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Only female reindeer keep their antlers throughout winter. By Christmas time most males have discarded their antlers and are saving their energy ready to grow a new pair in the spring. Some people say that Santa lives at the North Pole. In Finland, they say that he lives in the north part of their country called Lapland. But everyone agrees that he travels through the sky on a sledge that is pulled by reindeer, that he comes into houses down the chimney at night and places presents for the children in socks or bags by their beds, in front of the family Christmas tree, or by the fire place.

Most children receive their presents on Christmas Eve night or early Christmas morning, but in some countries they get their presents on St. Nicholas' Eve, December 5th.

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Nicholas putting the bag of gold into a stocking is probably where the custom of having a tangerine or satsuma at the bottom of your Christmas stocking came from. If people couldn't afford gold, some golden fruit was a good replacement - and until the last 50 years these were quite unusual fruits and so still special! The biggest Christmas stocking was 51m 35cm ft 5. Just think how many presents you could fit in that! Long before coke had been invented, St Nicholas had worn his Bishop's red robes. During Victorian times and before that, he wore a range of colors red, green, blue and brown fur but red was always his favorite!

In this he was wearing a 'Stars and Stripes' outfit! Over the next 20 years Thomas Nast continued to draw Santa every Christmas and his works were very popular indeed he must have been very good friends with Santa to get such good access! This is when Santa really started to develop his big tummy and the style of red and white outfit he wears today.

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