Never Trust Any Salesperson

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What is B2B sales?

Sales were perceived as one-shot deals. Low trust selling is not dead. They are short-term thinkers who must assume there is an endless supply of new customers. Is this the basis for long-term relationships? Is this the formula for success?

When Selling is the Worst Way to Win Customers

Certainly not. High trust companies are making customer satisfaction the focus of a full-scale makeover effort. Companies such as Nordstrom, L. Bean, Federal Express, and others discovered and implemented that years ago. It creates tension and could be construed as adversarial.


Traditional salespeople often perceive their prospects as people with whom they must go to battle to win business. This power-struggle mindset is supported by sales trainers who teach manipulative sales techniques and by books with combative titles such as Hardball Selling and The Sale Begins When the Customer Says No. Unfortunately, many low trust sales training sessions address only the elements of razzle-dazzle sales pitches, closing techniques, or overcoming objections at all costs.

This traditional approach has created the negative stereotypes that exist today. It does not take a genius to realize that the focus in low trust selling is misplaced and myopic. The commando approach to selling is obsolete. It does not foster referrals, references, repeat business, word-of-mouth advertising, customer satisfaction, or good will.

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    Why don't we trust salespeople?

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      Premature Process Steps

      Noah St. Nick Hall, Ph. Cohan Robert Allen Robert B. Stone Dr. Roger Dawson Dr. Robert Maurer Robert P. Wayne W. Self-Discovery Session Personal Coaching. And hopefully, never by your clients. After all, customers often arrive at a purchasing decision based more on how they feel about the salesperson and less about the actual solution. In many cases, trust, authenticity, and confidence can persuade a prospect as much as product features do. Desperate sellers often get ditched eventually, sometimes even before they get the chance to make a pitch.

      People realize that desperate sellers pass on burdens, pressure, and extra baggage instead of offering genuine relationships and tailor-fit solutions.

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