My Story: Only God Will be my Judge

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Go and share what? Then it hit me.

Only God Can Judge Me

Fear immediately overwhelmed me and I sank into the pew, trembling at what I thought God might be asking. I began to question God, "Surely You can't mean share my past, Lord. Surely You don't mean go and share what I prefer to keep secret. And I didn't like it. I didn't want to go, much less share. I didn't want to be transparent or vulnerable. I gratefully accepted His forgiveness and healing, but I wasn't ready to accept His call to give me a purpose. The man who was healed from demon possession in today's key verse experienced similar feelings. This tormented man lived as an outcast for many years, naked and alone in the tombs of Gadara, near Galilee.

When he saw Jesus, he fell to his knees and shouted at the top of his voice, begging for mercy from God. Jesus commanded the demons to leave him and then cast them into a herd of pigs that rushed down the steep bank into a lake and drowned. The man was healed physically, but more importantly, spiritually. He was so overwhelmed with gratitude for what Jesus had done, he begged to travel with Jesus and stay by His side.

But Jesus had other plans. Instead, Jesus told him to go and share his story. And he did. Let us wish you a happy birthday! Date of Birth. Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Month January February March April May June July August September October November December Year Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday. Thank You! Sports Women sports wear Men sportswear Women athlatic shoes Men athlatic shoes. Food Cupboard Confectionery. Which international items are eligible for free shipping as part of the Amazon Global Store?

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Only God Can Judge Me - Meaning

Should I pay a subscription fee to qualify for free shipping? What are the terms of the Free Shipping Program? Can I use the Free Shipping Program without limitation? However, this understanding of this passage fails to take Jesus in his own context. As well, it fails to hear the not-so-subtle critique of the Pharisees by Jesus here—he is calling them blind guides for the people of Israel! That is absolutely a judgment, and a judgment it seems he also wants his people to make.

It is not all judgments that Jesus prohibits here, but those of an ultimate sense that come from a false view of who we are as we said above. Not only is this person self-refuting by making a value judgment about value judgments but they also are ignoring the ability that we have as image bearers of God to decide good from evil.

In the attitude of humility and love for enemy just taught by Jesus in the section before, we can discern truth from error and right from wrong while still acknowledging that God is judge of souls, not us. I believe we receive an answer to this question in v. How is it that we learn to do anything in life? How is it that we learned how to talk?

Notes and Commentary on Judges 13–21

How is it that we learned how to ride a bike? How is it that we learned how to add and subtract, to read and write, to play soccer, to learn economics, or medicine, or construction or geology? We followed a master. We watched someone who knew how to do each of these things do them. We sat under their teaching.

We were disciples of them. As Christians, who is our teacher? Every Sunday school kid will get this one right. Jesus is our teacher! He is the greatest teacher that the world has ever known. When we begin to follow Jesus, when we become disciples of Jesus, we start to look more like him. As this verse says, when we are trained we begin to look more and more like our teacher!

As we follow Jesus, who is the revelation of the God of light, he begins to show us how to truly view ourselves. When his light shines into our dark hearts, what is revealed is what we spoke of earlier—our own sin and pride. He begins to illuminate the dark places of our hearts and root out the sin that resides there. Once we see clearly that only God can judge us and that we are dreadfully lost and blind, does that only lead us to despair?

Were it not for the cross of Christ it absolutely would. On the cross of Christ God judged Jesus in the place of sinners who themselves were heaping their judgments on Jesus! Do you see the cutting irony here as well? As the Romans tortured him and as the Jews mocked him they were judging the very Judge of the world and their hearts.

Broken Rose - Only God Will Judge Me lyrics

In their pride they were shaking their fists at God and saying that they wanted to determine right from wrong. They spat upon the face of humility. They drove the nails into his hands. And as they did this they felt they were doing what was right in order to preserve their empire or religion. They puffed themselves up in pride and rejected Jesus. Friends, that is a picture of you and me! Who can say that they have not done this to their creator and loving Lord? God the righteous and perfect judge put forth his son as a sacrifice so that we could be loved as his children.

We can have hope for the future judgment day because we know that our ultimate judgment day occurred when the Lord of glory was crucified and this verdict was proved by his resurrection from the grave.

Only God Can Judge Me

Because he was pronounced guilty we can be pronounced innocent. Only the work of Jesus at the cross can truly bring us to a clear view of who we are and who God is. And it also holds out a new way to live.

This is marvelous! The 2 nd person of the trinity gives up all the riches and glories of heaven, and becomes a man, a servant. The God of the universe in the person of Jesus of Christ became obedient to death on a cross. And as Luke 6 tells us, we are not above our teacher! What a way that this reality calls us to live! We can no longer see ourselves as the center of the story. We cannot hold onto our sweeping judgments of entire people groups.

We cannot neglect to deal with the sin that is in our own heart. The cross of Jesus shows us that we must live in a way that humbly acknowledges God as the only righteous Judge and clings to the cross of Christ for hope and forgiveness.

My Story: Only God Will be my Judge My Story: Only God Will be my Judge
My Story: Only God Will be my Judge My Story: Only God Will be my Judge
My Story: Only God Will be my Judge My Story: Only God Will be my Judge
My Story: Only God Will be my Judge My Story: Only God Will be my Judge
My Story: Only God Will be my Judge My Story: Only God Will be my Judge
My Story: Only God Will be my Judge My Story: Only God Will be my Judge
My Story: Only God Will be my Judge My Story: Only God Will be my Judge
My Story: Only God Will be my Judge My Story: Only God Will be my Judge

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