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She will transform either way.

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There will then be a boss fight with Mimi, and she will fire and drop Rubees at Mario. After Merlee performs her cheer and Mimi is now vulnerable, Mario must jump on her twice to take off one of her legs.

Mario must take off all of her legs in order to defeat her. Mimi can also climb onto the ceiling and drop Rubees from above, as well as being able to send a wave of Rubees shooting up from the floor. All of her attacks can be blocked by Peach's parousel.

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Mimi's second appearance is in Chapter 6, when she takes the form of the Sammer King. She hides a bomb in the treasure chest she claims to have the Pure Heart in it, and is shocked when the bomb deals no damage to Mario. She then shows her true form, then starts a boss battle. This time she does not transform, and instead rises up into the air with Rubees swirling around her.

She can flip into 3-D, and hurl Rubees at Mario that follow him until they hit the ground. Her other attacks include spinning the Rubees faster and getting close to Mario so the Rubees will hit him, and make Rubees appear in the air and shower them over the floor.

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Mario can use Thoreau to take her Rubees and toss them at her, either hitting her or knocking away some of her Rubees. Peach's parousel can also guard against her attacks. After the fight, Mimi reveals that she was just stalling them so that the Void would destroy the Sammer Kingdom. She taunts them, then leaves. Mimi makes her third appearance in Chapter 8 and takes the form of Merlon to get Mario to press a switch which will take him down to a dungeon.

Later, she takes the form of Merlee to ask Mario questions about what he fears most. She will then put whatever Mario said he feared in the next three rooms, and in the fourth room, Mimi will appear angry.

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Mimi will then taunt Peach, saying that she was a lot of talk with her "boyfriends" around. Peach becomes angry and wants to fight Mimi alone. During the battle, Mimi will transform, climb onto the ceiling and drop Rubees, and shoot Rubees from above. She can also have her all but two of her legs temporarily detach, four Rubees surround her head, and she will spin across the room. This attack will go in a vertical pattern, although the line which she is spinning on will also be moving.

She can also rain down Rubees above the ground. Peach must defeat her by hitting her with a Rubee to stun her, then jumping on her to make her lose a leg. Peach must take off all of her legs to defeat her, like the first battle with Mimi.

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Peach tells Mimi that she has to go somewhere else to be safe, and Mimi asks why she should care. The room rumbles, and the door is shut on the other side. Inside, the floor has partially fallen away with Peach hanging on to one side and holding Mimi with her other hand. The room rumbles again, and Mimi and Peach fall down. And most of all: being FREE as artist. Free from conventions and the forced forms by the outside world. Grown up without TV or Computer, Mimi was a non-stop-creating child since she could barely walk herself.

Drawing, singing, playing.. Many years she ran her own advertising studio. Designing websites, logos, flyers and book covers also for worldbestselling author Bernard Minier until she started to miss to create with her own hands and real material.

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She went back to her base — being a real heart artist. Paper, Colours, Canvas, Wood, Brushes, Saws, any Tools and whatever thrills her mind was and is used for her creations. There is not one style. And there will never be just one way. Mimis red line in her art is just herself. Which is reflected in all that she does. As music and writing were always as strong as painting in her life, she started also writing books and her own songs and music.

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  • With the years, all of her talents came closer together, the words got musical dressed, the music visual clothed in videos, and more and more, she is coming back to the child she was: playful jumping into art and getting lost in it. She never believed in competition.

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