Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition)

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A longer dialysis time might favor and proper BP and phosphorus control and contribute to reduce CV risk. It also establishes clear differences with north American registries regarding patients' profile, vascular access management, dialysis, anemia and comorbidity.

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A high prevalence of cardiovascular problems is confirmed in our HD patients, especially among diabetics. We are still far from fulfilling guidelines' goals for CV risk, but we more accurately know these parameters and we have identified therapeutic opportunities to improve progression and prognosis in our patients. Among them, we might highlight a better lipid profile control, dialysis efficacy, blood pressure control, and anemia management. USRDS: the united states renal data system. Am J Kidney Dis , S5.

J Am Soc Nephrol , Levin A, Djurdev 0, Barrett B y cols. Am J Kidney Dis , Ann Intern Med , JAMA , Clin Nephrol , What do we need to learn? Where do we go from here? Am J Kidney Disease , Kidney Int , Nephrol DiaI Transplant 7: , S2. Clinical algorithms on cardiovascular risk factors in renal patients. Nephrol Dial Transplant , suppl 5. Clinical algorithms on renal osteodystrophy. Nephrol Dial Transplant 15 suppl 5 : , European Best Practice Guidelines on anemia management. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 14 suppl 4 : , J Chronic Dis , Am J Med , Am J Kidney Dis 37 suppl 1 : S, Am J Kidney Dis 35 suppl 1 : S, Kasiske BL: Hyperlipidemia in patients with chronic renal disease.

Wanner C: Importance of hyperlipidaemia and therapy in renal patients. Parfrey PS: Cardiac disease in dialysis patients: diagnosis, burden of disease, prognosis, risk factors and management. Coca A: Control de tension arterial en pacientes hipertensos tratados en Espana.

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Resultados del Estudio Controlpress. Dorhout Mees EJ: Hypertension in haemodialysis patients: who cares? Nephrol Dial Transplant , Lancet , Nephrol Dial Transplan t , A de Talavera: N. Ajage; Cediat Lliria: J. Orts; C. Aliarafe: A. Lara; C. Arroyo : A. Bonanova : B.

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Criado: J. Criado; C. Los Arcos: S. Montequinto: M.

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Salve Care Canarias: C. Mora; C. Sierra Este: J.

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Madrigal; C. Torremolinos: M. Castilla, JL. Pizarro; C. Poch; C. Cordal; C. Soler; C. Casals, M. Romero; C. Bellavista : A. Sole; C. Hernando, H. Santana; C. La Roselada: P. Abad; C. Vozmediano; C. De HD Cilu S. Silgado; C.

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Santa Engracia: M. Albalate, J. Virgen de la Fuensanta: N.

Ridao, M. Franquelo; C. Ruber: R.

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Delgado; C. San Carlos: I. Merello; C. Santa Isabel de Sevilla: G. Los Enebros: F. Ponfedial: R. Parc Taulf: M. Villaverde; F. Gruss, A Tato; F. Manacor: J. Calls; F. Ibrik; F. Sociosanitaria de Barcelona: J.

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Puizvert : E. Cecilio: D. Prados; Hemodial: A. Cubas, E. Sierra; H. La Mancha Cto. Arranz, JM Garrancho; H.

Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition) Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition)
Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition) Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition)
Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition) Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition)
Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition) Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition)
Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition) Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition)
Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition) Mar de octubre (Spanish Edition)

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