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Your feedback will be reviewed. The only illumination was from a skylight. The only illumination was from a skylight in the roof.

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Examples of illumination. In this case, the changing illuminations first interact with the objects in the scene, generating time-varying sequences of color signals. From Cambridge English Corpus. Effects of background illuminations on the receptive field size of horizontal cells in the tur tle retina are mediated by dopamine. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Prediction of color appearance with different adaptation illuminations.


Indeed, it is plausible that this aspect of color vision is more important than seeing objects that are already visible as having the same color across differing illuminations. Moreover, the interest of the book lies not just in the elegant explanatory model that he has developed and the illuminations that flow from his use of political science concepts.

A challenge has been to devise a set of stimulus and viewing conditions that afford evaluation of the receptor types that mediate the color percepts under dim illuminations. Thus, from the point of view of chromatic diversity, this would not be the ideal illumination for the paintings tested here. Photoresponses were elicited by long-wavelength and shor t-wavelength light stimuli in the dark-adapted state and under conditions of chromatic background illumination.

The illuminations were also held in , despite a national energy crisis.

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From Wikipedia. The first page in gold, with pictures, and most elaborate illuminations.

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Where multiple titles are given, multiple illuminations are provided. The thanksgivings of yesterday are poor when considered in the illumination of to-day.

The barrels were piled high, so that the illumination could be seen a long distance. Sometimes illuminations. Also called illuminance , intensity of illumination. So why is it so special? But, what makes it tick?

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  8. The Clayco Foundation is a tax exempt c 3 entity that supports multiple charitable organizations in the communities where Clayco, Inc. Although The Clayco Foundation supports numerous charitable organizations, all of the donations raised through Illumination directly fund research for Retinal Vasculopathy with Cerebral Leukodystrophy RVCL ; a very rare, genetic condition that affects the central nervous system. Ellen was diagnosed in with a terminal genetic disease that effects blood vessel reproduction or lack of throughout the body.

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    While the disease impacted everything, the main damage was to the eyes and brain. Never in all her trials and adverse conditions did she ever complain or whine or do anything that was less than courageous and downright classy. In her last moments, she was beautiful. She was in no pain and was not suffering. Ellen and Bob started dating when they were Married for 25 years.

    Their relationship was full of ups and downs.

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    Strengths and weaknesses, heartache, tragedy and blessings beyond their young, wild dreams. Ellen was a passionate person, defined purely by her fierce motherhood and giving spirit. She cared about everyone she met and made no foes along her journey. Casting a Light on Rare Disease. Thank you for joining us at our 4th Annual Illumination Thank you for journeying with us through the darkness and into the light.

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